Dallas-based PR and marketing consultant shares her journey into public relations

Guest speaker Ingrid Quiroz and PRSSA's executive board posed for a picture after the Oct. 3 meeting. The owner of the consulting agency dallasprmaven and UT-Austin alumna shared tips and tricks on how to navigate through a career in public relations.

With over seven years of experience, Ingrid Quiroz has worked with an array of local and national brands as well as celebrity and executive spokespeople. After years of agency work, she founded the consulting agency dallasprmaven.

However, the UT-Austin alumna said she remembers the unpaved journey that led her to start her own agency and the struggles that she faced throughout that journey.

The diversity at UTA made Quiroz want to come as a PRSSA guest speaker. She said she hoped students would be able to see themselves through her and learn from her struggles.

Here are some of the tips and lessons that Quiroz shared with PRSSA.

Comparison is the thief of joy

Unhealthy comparisons are something a lot of people experience, especially students in their senior year. Quiroz said she wants students to know that achieving a goal takes patience and dedicated work.

“You always have to remember that even though others might be accomplishing their dreams it doesn’t mean that you won’t one day,” she said.

The key is to stay motivated and not allow comparison to take over.

“The path isn’t always going to be straight to your dream, you’re going to have to work for it," Quiroz said.

Keep your resume updated and consistency is key

Updating your resume and networking is important both in college and in the professional world, she said. Not consistently doing these two things is running the risk of missing attractive opportunities.

Don’t ignore the elephant in the room

Quiroz hopes students feel empowered to let their voices and thoughts be heard. She said each individual has a unique perspective that people will appreciate.

“You have to see the bigger picture and make sure you speak your voice,” Quiroz said. “See the gaps and opportunities that there are.”

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