Tricks of the Trade from Emily Suied

Samone Franklin - PRSSA Member

Last Thursday the University of Texas at Arlington’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter had the pleasure of hosting Emily Suied, Account Supervisor at HCK2 Partners. She spoke about her PRSSA experiences, gave insight regarding the public relations industry, and advice on how to get relevant experience.

Prior to graduating from UTA in 2011, Suied served as the PRSSA President. Seeing the potential in the organization and all it could offer to students, she personally took on the task of growing the chapter and accomplished raising membership from just four to 75.

After college, Suied gained both corporate and agency experience at a number of agencies including Ketchum in Dallas, Edelman in Chicago, and The Fort Worth Library.

She pointed out that UTA’s location is a prime location to get a Public Relations internship or job.

“There are plenty of opportunities and agencies in DFW, but they’re smaller and really competitive,” Suied said.

She added that getting experience at different places is key to not only seeing what you are interested in, but gaining the public relations skills to set you apart. The skills, which Suied said are applicable in every sector, are often figured out as you go. In her personal experience, she has found media relations to be the bones of PR and Google as one her most used tools.

Filling in the gaps on one’s resumé is a must and getting involved in PRSSA is a great way to begin doing so according to Suied. Attending meetings, regional and national conferences, and PRSA Dallas events like NuPros give members the opportunity to expand their network and potentially land jobs or internships that will allow them to further develop their craft. Reaching out to UTA alumni has also proven to be helpful.

“Get involved and network as much as you can before graduation, because going to school just isn’t enough to land a job.” Suied said.

Active PRSSA members can gain valuable experience and have an edge on other students in many ways.

One great example is Pro-Am Day, an event that allows students to shadow real Public Relations professionals in a work setting and explore their daily activities. Members can also submit class assignments and personal projects into the Pegasus Awards, which recognizes outstanding public relations and strategic communications efforts in the DFW and have the chance to win and have their work recognized. Other ways to gain experience in PRSSA include partnering with other organizations, fundraising, hosting events, and practicing your writing.

HCK2 Partners offers a summer internship which the company starts interviewing for in May. For those looking for other internships or employment, is the hub for PR jobs in the metroplex.

For more information on HCK2 Partners, visit

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