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My experiences since joining the Public Relations Student Society of America have helped me identify myself, become more knowledgeable in my profession and build my network with peers and public relations professionals. Coming into college, I knew I needed to be involved in a professional organization, but I didn’t know the reason. So why is it so important to be involved? Well, the rewards are countless, and I’m here to offer a few of my personal experiences I’ve gained since joining PRSSA.


Some of my best college experiences came from the conference trips I was able to take by joining PRSSA. Attending the campus meetings and the regional and national PRSSA conferences were extremely impactful on my public relations journey. I gained helpful knowledge and it solidified my urge to be a public relations major. I learned there are so many routes you can take going into PR. When attending the meetings, conferences or seminars I got to hear various professionals talk about their experiences and knowledge, which helped me navigate and identify the personal route I was aiming for on my PR journey.


Networking, networking, networking…your network is your net worth! Yeah, yeah, I’m sure you’ve heard it all before BUT seriously it’s so true! You never know who you’ll meet from the PRSA events to the speakers you’ll encounter at the PRSSA meetings or even your own peers who could help you land an internship. Plus UTA has the best professional advisor, Professor Little, who is the biggest plug in this industry. Networking and word of mouth have landed me three internships throughout my two years at UTA because a referral for a job gives you a competitive advantage and an opportunity to establish a connection by a mutual friend. Talking to people at PRSA events or in your classes can be a turn off for most, but turn on your voice because you never know who you’re talking to or sitting beside.

Do More

After joining PRSSA, I knew I wanted to do more than just gain my membership certificate. I wanted to be active and involved in the organization. As vice president of the executive board, I am able to activate my voice, share my thoughts and opinions and aim to make this the best PRSSA chapter yet. All it takes is a little drive and motivation to go a step further and capitalize on the opportunity in front of you. I challenge everyone to do more: do more in your organizations, do more in your school work, and do more in building yourself as an individual. You might just land on finding your passion and purpose. 😊


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