My Journey of Uncertainty: How I Became a PRSSA Member

By public relations junior Brittany Jones

My alarm went off early in the morning as I rolled out of bed to face another day of the unknown. My first stop was Starbucks because productivity and focus do not exist without the added buzz of caffeine.

While I waited in line, I looked around and it dawned on me, in the way all daunting revelations do — I don’t know what I’m doing, why did I choose to major in public relations?

This thought followed me throughout the day and as I sat in my Tuesday PR class, it echoed even louder. I began to second guess my choice in major and confusion settled in as the professor explained what specializing in PR meant.

Now months later, I have realized I’m not alone in this battle of uncertainty. Gradually, my uncertainty and confusion became my motivation to learn more and get involved in PRSSA.

PRSSA gives students an opportunity to connect with professionals and students who share similar interests.

Initially, I hesitated in joining because of the membership fee but that changed when I attended my first PRSSA meeting and heard guest speaker Emily Suied talk about her experience as a member.

She shared that when she was a student at UTA she had experienced a similar feeling of uncertainty and confusion in what PR meant. However, she said industry professionals and UTA’s PRSSA chapter helped her dig deeper into PR, discover what it meant to be a PR student and how to put herself out there to employers.

Now as a PRSSA member, I have already taken the steps to put myself out there and get more involved. I have signed myself up to contribute to UTA PRSSA’s blog and hope to continue writing creative content for the organization.

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